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Avionics & Electronics Courses – Work for the Airlines, On the Latest Tech!

Aviation electronics & avionics technicians enjoy great pay and and are in high demand as air travel increases worldwide!


A Great Career in Minimum Time

There is great demand the world over for men and women to enter this rewarding field and our course of study and accreditation has never been easier.

Technology Center Guam provides the education you need to test for and receive certification. Approximate time to complete both the Basic and Advanced courses is 15 months.  Completion of both courses is equivalent to a two-year degree and is recognized globally.

Become an Expert in the Field of Aircraft Electronics and Avionics Technology!

Earn your Avionics Technician Certificate with our certified Avionics Technology Training (AET), a program that is fully accredited by the National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT).

Technology Center Guam offers the training needed to maintain, diagnose and repair aviation electronics equipment and systems. The program also allows you to work at your own pace with typical computer-based study times between four and six weeks for the Basic AET course.

We have applied our unique curriculum of distance learning combined with traditional classroom training.

The result is a global classroom that significantly reduces the on-campus time necessary to earn the basic Avionics Electronics Technician certification.

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Graduate and Celebate!

Basic and Advanced Aircraft Electronics and Avionics Technician Courses (AET)

We can offer this course anywhere in the world without need to travel to US!

Our unique program is divided into two courses of study; the Basic and Advanced AET courses. Depending on the student the courses can be jointly completed in approximately 12 to 15 months; the majority of the training though online computer-based study.

Students will work in teams of two on our NIDA E130 electronics simulator that we provide. The E130 simulator is integral to the course study materials and to a deep understanding of the concepts being taught. Each student will actually be learning on a functional electronics and avionics trainer!

Upon successful completion of the courses the student will receive accreditation from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), an international standards organization that is recognized globally in the aeronautical and aerospace fields.

$3,000 USD for Basic Aircraft Electronics Technician Course;

$4,100 USD for Advanced Aircraft Electronics and Avionics Technician Course

Enroll in both courses, and pay only $6,750. This is a savings of $240!

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Connecting U.S., Western Pacific and Asian Aerospace Markets