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Anra SmartSkies

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ANRA Technologies has been a leader in the global UTM space for several years – and today, ANRA announces a family of software services designed to allow drone pilots to get nearly instant authorization to fly in airport control zones. SmartSkies offers pilots instant authorization when allowed; and supports drone tracking, deconfliction, auditing, alerts, and more.

With SmartSkies, ANRA is taking their years of experience in UTM to market, giving drone pilots a wide range of capabilities at their fingertips. This new offering is available now – and could make a major impact in the UTM space.

The Following Is an ANRA Technologies Press Release.

ANRA Technologies Launches SmartSkies Drone Airspace Authorization Platform for Airport Control Zones and Sensitive Areas

Building upon years of successful international experience, ANRA’s best in class UTM software technology is ready to deploy at airports and sensitive airspace locations around the world.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 6, 2020 – In response to the evolving global regulatory framework and growing demand for intelligent, safe and secure airspace management capabilities for autonomous systems, ANRA Technologies, a leader in UAS Traffic Management (UTM) capabilities, today announced the release of SmartSkies. A scalable and highly adaptable family of software services that enables coordination, SmartSkies provides execution and management of drone operations in controlled and uncontrolled airspace. SmartSkies CTR specifically addresses airspace management for Airport Control Zones and another sensitive airspace.

“We are proud to announce an addition to our family with the launch of SmartSkies CTR,” said Amit Ganjoo, CEO and Founder of ANRA Technologies. “ANRA is addressing an immediate need with our cutting edge technology that meets today’s regulatory requirements. Now is the time to start implementing these capabilities for Airport Controlled Zones and other sensitive areas.”

Automated Airport Controlled Zone Access

SmartSkies allows drone pilots to obtain approval for drone operations within controlled or sensitive airspace using a simple mobile application or web portal. It provides real-time, automated processing of airspace authorizations based on criteria set by stakeholders such as Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) or regulators. ANRA’s intelligent app checks the airspace for any dynamic and static conflicts, and if none exist, airspace authorization is automatically granted unless further coordination is required, whereupon the pilot receives an alert. Further coordination requests are routed to the relevant stakeholders, allowing multiple levels of coordination that can include airspace controlled by different agencies. SmartSkies reduces the burden on airport tower personnel, which benefit from having the assurance that approved drones will operate in areas that do not interfere with other drones or manned aircraft.

The ANRA SmartSkies platform gives drone pilots a simple method to apply for instant approvals to fly within Airport Control Zones.

Built-in Features

SmartSkies built-in features include integrating data from existing aeronautical data sources and the creation of custom dynamic airspace zones in addition to ingesting information from supplementary data sources like weather and terrain. It also supports drone tracking, traffic deconfliction, auditing, non-conformance alerts, geofencing, and electronic conspicuity for identifying drones and their pilots – all while adhering to privacy limitations within a secure system.

Based on feedback from regulators and ANSPs, ANRA added a feature for two-way text communication between drone pilots and airport towers. Only authorized tower personnel will be able to communicate with drone pilots using SmartSkies technology, helping to improve coordination during airport-related emergencies. In choosing to use open interfaces with this new offering, ANRA easily expands communication options and is currently researching improved human-to-machine interactions to ensure pilot flight safety.

Advanced Optional Features Available

Within the SmartSkies family of technology, platforms are optional services that permit networked information exchanges between stakeholders – enabling unprecedented shared situational awareness and capabilities. SmartSkies ™ also supports the integration of surveillance data using standard interfaces such as ASTERIX as well as tracking and conformance monitoring for drones. Additionally, it can support the strategic deconfliction of drones from manned traffic, including in-flight deconfliction.

SmartSkies is designed to support a broad spectrum of operations with ever-increasing complexity and risk through an innovative, modular design that interfaces with today’s air traffic infrastructure, and readily scales for future innovation.

SmartSkies is available now, please contact us for more details.

About ANRA Technologies

ANRA Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Washington DC with additional offices in Europe and Asia, is an international provider of end-to-end drone operations and traffic management solutions for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operators and airspace managers. ANRA offers highly sophisticated and modular traffic management capabilities as part of the SmartSkies family for commercial UAS operations. The platforms have been rigorously tested and vetted by the world’s foremost government aviation entities and are operational today at multiple locations.

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