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Aviation Concepts LLC, a global provider of aviation services in the manned and unmanned aircraft industry, announces the addition of its latest business, Tech Center Guam, a UAV Training School, Drone Port, and Aviation Academy.

Tech Center Guam provides an excellent alternative to U.S. mainland training. It is geographically it is the closest to Asia, yet meets the regulatory requirement that testing is conducted on U.S. soil. An FAA-approved test facility is conveniently located within our 5000 square meter facility.

Terry Habeck, CEO, Tech Center Guam

“Aviation Concepts LLC has remained in business for more than 20 years by providing a superior level of service and commitment to our clients, associates and the community of Guam. The Guam Tech Center continues the legacy by providing educational excellence for the emerging unmanned vehicle and aviation industry,” said CEO Terry Habeck.

The Tech Center web site includes basic information about the training courses offered at the UAV Academy and showcases the group’s expertise and availability for UAS consulting projects. It also includes information for future events at our Drone Port, which has miles of unrestricted, overwater Class G airspace, and a consolidated industry news feed to help professionals and aficionados of the unmanned world stay up to date.

The Tech Center has the advantage of offering FAA-compliant training and certifications within a US territory that is an attractive, internationally friendly destination within a three-hour flight of many destinations in the Pacific Rim.

Tech Center President Art Dawley

“It’s an ideal space for small to large businesses, educational and government entities to get the training, consulting and testing facilities they need for whatever type of UAV operations they are planning,” said Tech Center President Art Dawley.

Dawley has an extensive background in FAA Part 135 and 145 operations as Director of Operations at multiple air carrier operations and as the former CEO of Wyvern Ltd. He brings this expertise and network to lead the team in Guam to assist UAS and drone professionals to reach their goals.

The new site can be found at, and the team can be contacted at +1 671-477-0179 or by email at The mailing address is 17-3404 Neptune Avenue, Barrigada, GU 96913 (US Territory)

About Aviation Concepts LLC

The Tech Center Guam is a brand of Aviation Concepts LLC.

Aviation Concepts LLC was established on Guam in 2001 to provide aircraft management, maintenance, and FBO services in its current hangar location at Guam International Airport. Establishing an FAA-approved Part 135, with worldwide approval, was accomplished in 2003, utilizing a Boeing Business Jet, which was a first for this particular aircraft in Asia.

Specializing in long-range business jets Aviation Concepts managed Boeings, Gulfstreams, Falcons and Bombardier aircraft over the ensuing years.

Continuing to grow and diversify over the years, Aviation Concepts LLC established an Airline Dispatch Center located in Manila Philippines in 2005m providing airline industry and services including dispatch, flight crew rostering, lost luggage, accounting and flight data analysis. This company, now called Global Virtuoso, dispatches over 350 flights daily. (

Carejet Assist, a medical assistance provider for Insurance companies was added to Global Virtusos’s repertoire of services in 2012. Carejet also provides emergency evacuation, air ambulance, and corporate healthcare-related services. (

Aviation Concepts LLC and Global Virtuoso provide interrelated aviation, accounting, and medical services in a synergistic fashion that provides a unique capability within the industry.

Connecting U.S., Western Pacific and Asian Aerospace Markets