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FAA Test Centers are Closed. What Happens to New Pilots and Part 107 Renewals?

This post was originally published on this site.

Along with everything else these days, FAA testing centers across the country have closed. But what does that mean for new pilots waiting to take their Part 107 Remote Pilots Certification test? What if your Part 107 Certification has expired, as they all do after 24 months, and requires renewal?‘s Andrew Elefant addresses these questions and more in a blog post about the…

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Drone Mapping is Getting Bigger and Better: SimActive’s Philippe Simard Talks Industry Trends

This post was originally published on this site.

Philippe Simard, of Canada’s SimActive mapping software, started out working directly with large mapping companies – or the military. With the growth of the drone industry, however, things have changed. “We used to only work with very highly qualified firms investing millions of dollars in planes – I can still remember the point at which those clients came to us and said that they…

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Drone Biz: AUVSI Webinar Addresses Payroll Stimulus Plan

This post was originally published on this site.

The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is helping commercial drone providers navigate the complicated skies of COVID-19 economic stimulus.

On Friday, April 3 at 2-3 p.m., the AUVSI will present a free webinar, “Coronavirus Relief Package: What Unmanned Systems Businesses Need to Know.”

Corporate attorney Tom Antonucci, a partner with Wiley law firm, will join…

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Medical Drone Delivery Success in Ireland

This post was originally published on this site.

In September, DroneLife reported on the world’s first BVLOS medical delivery in Ireland.

Researchers at NUI Galway partnered with German drone startup Wingcopter to transport prescription medication and blood samples for diabetes patients.

This week, the research team released more details about the project in an ENDO 2020 abstract to be published in the Journal of the Endocrine…

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Honda Self-Driving Car: An Autonomous Car We Want to Drive

DroneLife caught up with Marcus Frommer a spokesperson from Honda at CES and talked about the very handsome little roadster that you see pictured.

We were discussing Honda’s approach to autonomous cars including a level 5 concept car that they brought to CES. One difference from the other concept cars shown here is that the Honda vehicle includes a steering wheel. Some cars, including those by GM and Mercedes Benz, have displayed…

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Pilots Sat Back and Watched a Plane Take Off Entirely on Its Own as Airbus Gets One Step Closer to Fully Self-Flying Aircraft (Thomas Pallini)
Business Insider – January 17, 2020

An Airbus test aircraft successfully took off from Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in southern France autonomously without any pilot input.
The test was part of Airbus’ Autonomous Taxi, Take-Off, and Landing program that explores increasing autonomous technology in aircraft.
The success of the test may be the next step in creating fully self-flying…

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Kyrgyz Republic: Terra Drone Subsidiary Launches School Inspections for World Bank

A subsidiary of Japanese drone provider Terra Drone is helping keep schools safe in the Kyrgyz Republic (aka Kyrgyzstan).

The World Bank recently commissioned KazUAV to conduct drone inspections over older school buildings across the capital city of Bishkek. So far, drones have mapped 12 schools in the nation’s capital and largest city.

The pilot project, financed by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery, will…

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Tiny Guam Is Vying to Be the World’s Next Big Telecommunications Hub

On the island of Guam in the middle of the Pacific, 6,100 miles west of Los Angeles and about 1,600 miles southeast of Japan, life moves pretty slowly. But soon, that will be in direct contrast to its internet, which will be lightning-fast.

At least that’s what Guam-based telecommunications company GTA Teleguam is hoping. A new set of undersea internet cables will be laid both east and west of Guam over the next year or so. When it’s…

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The Need for Speed – Why High Speed Internet is So Vital

The Guam Tech Center is one of the few office spaces on the island of Guam that has high-speed internet via broadband.

Let’s see what that really means.

What we call high-speed broadband internet service has become a necessity in our world. Stable, dependable, reliable high-speed broadband, that is typical, land-based and utilizes multiple very thin fiber-optic glass or plastic cables bundled together into a “cable” from the…

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From the Floor at Pix4D’s User Conference: Chris Anderson on Breaking the 1:1 Ratio in Drones

Pix4D‘s first annual User Conference kicked off today at the beautiful McNichols Civic Center in Denver, CO. CEO and founder Dr. Christophe Strecha opened the conference by telling a packed auditorium just how far 3D mapping and modeling has come since he first worked on the problem as a Ph.D. candidate in Switzerland in the […]

The post From the Floor at Pix4D’s User Conference: Chris Anderson on Breaking the 1:1 Ratio in Drones…

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