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Drone Emoji Post Watermark

This post was originally published on this site.

It’s time. Drones are part of the industry, enterprise businesses, government and military processes, and the everyday life of millions of hobbyists and photographers. But in this day and age, there’s another real sign of mainstream acceptance – an emoji.

Drone services firm DroneUp is leading the charge – sign the petition on and help to bring the drone industry into the conversation!

The Following Is a DroneUp Press Release.

DroneUp Submits Proposal to the Unicode Consortium for a Drone Emoji Launching Petition for Industry Participation

Virginia Beach, VA (April 9, 2020)​ — DroneUp, an ended-to-end aerial data solutions provider, ​submitted a proposal to the​ ​Unicode Consortium​, the governing body that sets global coding standards, appealing to them to make a drone emoji available in the release of Emoji 14.0. ​To rally support for the drone emoji, DroneUp has released a petition on​ to help demonstrate public support.

Amy Wiegand, Marketing & Communications Director of DroneUp, states, “Emoji are sent over five billion* times a day on Facebook alone. By bringing a drone emoji to keyboards everywhere, it will represent​ a subset of aerial vehicles and technology. This ​supports the visibility of the drone industry on a global scale in a fun manner. These efforts are not meant to be serious, but they are impactful to creating synergy for use in everyday modern communication.”

DroneUp is asking drone professionals and enthusiasts to join in the fun by signing and sharing the petition using the #DroneEmoji hashtag.

For further information: ​

About DroneUp

Founded by Tom Walker in 2016, DroneUp provides complete drone solution services that include Part 107 pilots, aerial data collection, training, program integration, and equipment sales to commercial industries and public sector organizations. DroneUp operates globally with more than 10,000 certified drone pilots. DroneUp is headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and a SWaM or Small, Women-owned, and Minority-owned Business certified as a small business by the Commonwealth of Virginia. For more information: ​​.

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