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SkyeBrowse with NPSDDP

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Public safety departments use drones in all kinds of emergencies – but with communities across the country suffering the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis, first responders are required more than ever to do more with less. The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) was set up to address the needs of community public safety departments by donating drones. Now, 3D modeling solutions company SkyeBrowse has partnered with NPS-DDP to donate the software that departments need to use the drones for modeling.

The drone industry has stepped up to help in all kinds of ways during the pandemic. This latest partnership is another great example of the drone industry working together to serve communities, in the current crisis and beyond.

Speaking to DRONELIFE, Bobby Ouyang, CEO of SkyeBrowse, said: “It is very important that we find ways in which we can contribute to reducing the impact of COVID-19. This is a time where we should look at how we can give back to society. Our primary goal at SkyeBrowse has always been to support first responders and we are very thankful to NPS-DDP for providing us with the right platform to contribute during these unfortunate times.”

The following is a SkyeBrowse and NPS-DDP press release.

SkyeBrowse partners with NPS-DDP to support public safety during COVID-19

The partnership will provide a combination of drones and SkyeBrowse’s rapid 3D modeling software to various departments through NPS-DDP (National Public Safety Drone Donation Program)

New Jersey, USA (April 2019) As governments and health authorities around the world explore strategies to deal with the on-going pandemic, first responders and public safety officials remain at high risk on the frontlines.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that officers are able to conduct their duties without spending unnecessary time outside gathering information and evidence. Recently, drone technology has emerged as a great tool that officers can utilize to reduce the amount of time and effort spent outdoors performing various tasks.

In this time of crisis, SkyeBrowse has partnered with NPS-DDP to ensure that all public safety departments are able to utilize SkyeBrowse software for modeling scenes and gathering evidence. The result of this partnership will mean that departments who cannot afford drones and 3D modeling software due to COVID-19 will be able to have access to these technologies through NPS-DDP and SkyeBrowse. However, the partnership will continue to support departments in need beyond the timeline of the pandemic.

Commenting on the occasion, Bobby Ouyang, CEO of SkyeBrowse, said, “NPS-DDP is doing a great job by providing a forum for everyone to support national public safety with drone technology through voluntary donations. SkyeBrowse is proud to announce its partnership with NPS-DDP through which SkyeBrowse will be providing 3D modeling software to various public safety departments. Using SkyeBrowse’s rapid 3D modeling software, public safety departments will be able to quickly map out emergency scenes without needing extensive training on how to use the technology. SkyeBrowse remains committed to contributing back to the community and is thankful to NPS-DDP in their support with this mission.”

NPS-DDP CEO, Marc Langley commented, “The partnership with SkyeBrowse (videogrammetry software) expands our ability to work with cutting-edge and leading industry UAV/UAS technology providers to help fulfill our vision of assisting public safety in their forensics recovery and rescue efforts.”

The combination of drones and rapid 3D modeling technology will add significant capabilities to departments that have not been able to access these technologies previously due to COVID-19. More importantly, this will ensure that first responders will only spend the minimum possible time at situations such as car crashes, fire scenes, etc. Agencies applying for a donated drone are required to have at least one resource that is FAA Part 107 trained which ensures proper operation of the drone.

Bobby concluded, “At SkyeBrowse, we see the future in your hands. We dedicate ourselves to developing revolutionary technology that benefits public safety. SkyeBrowse and NPS-DDP embrace the capabilities available through drone technology and share the vision that first responders should continue to have access to these technologies for assisting their communities.”

The mission of NPS-DDP is to recruit others to help support our national public safety departments nationwide with UAV/UAS technology through voluntary donations, be it hardware, financial and/or media support from the private, corporate and community sectors. Together we can help support those who give so much and help put “eyes in the sky for every department in need.”

SkyeBrowse is a 3D modeling software that allows people to create 3D models in just a few minutes. With the SkyeBrowse app, which is compatible with most DJI drones, you can create 2 minute 3D models with no prior drone or 3D modeling training. SkyeBrowse is currently being used by various public safety departments and is also suitable for Construction, Insurance, Oil & Gas and Telecommunications.

Miriam McNabb

Miriam McNabb is the Editor-in-Chief of DRONELIFE and CEO of JobForDrones, a professional drone services marketplace, and a fascinated observer of the emerging drone industry and the regulatory environment for drones. Miriam has a degree from the University of Chicago and over 20 years of experience in high tech sales and marketing for new technologies.

For drone industry consulting or writing, Email Miriam or (for paid consulting engagements only) request a meeting through AdvisoryCloud:

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