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What Is the Drone Port?

The Drone Port provides manufacturers, operators and researchers with the environment and resources for safely testing and flying drones.

man repairing drone

Top Reasons To Consider Guam Your UAS/UAV/Drone Center

  • Miles of uncontrolled Class G airspace.
  • U.S. territory, U.S. training standards
  • First overwater capable U.S. test facility
  • Location in the Pacific Rim, proximity to Asia
  • Excellent flying and training weather year-round
  • Colocated Academy, Tech Services Center and Drone Port
  • We are able to efficiently process M1 student visas for foreign students
man flying drone

Guam Drone Port

  • Thousands of miles of unrestricted airspace for BVLOS and complex operations
  • Overwater testing for emerging drone technology and extended operations
  • A 1500 foot runway for winged drones
  • Facilities for research and development
  • Lighted runway for night operations
  • Numerous landing pads with office facilities

Connecting U.S., Western Pacific and Asian Aerospace Markets