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UAS Technical Services

The Tech Center is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise and guidance that will be required to navigate the complex world of regulation by the Federal Aviation Administration and other global regulatory authorities. As commercial drone missions continue to evolve and become more complex, FAA regulators are in the process of updating the existing regulatory framework of manned aviation to include that of unmanned aircraft operators operating in our National Airspace System. With a combined 60 years of experience in the regulated air carrier world the founders of our company have a deep understanding of upcoming regulatory requirements that will affect newcomers to the world of unmanned commercial aviation. Our objective is to ensure that each of our customers will comply fully with these requirements which in turn shall ensure their success in the commercial unmanned marketplace.


Services to Ensure Your Success

As in the regulated commercial aviation world there are requirements for commercial drone operators to ensure they have detailed and documented policies, processes, and procedures to manage their operations effectively, efficiently and safely. We provide the products and services to help ensure our customers success!

  • General Operating Manuals
  • General Maintenance Manuals (or procedures)
  • Safety and Risk Mitigation Control
view from drone

Other UAV and Drone Services Available

  • Research and technical review capabilities
  • Flight testing
  • Regulatory guidance and representation
  • Section 333 exemptions, deviations or waivers

Take a look at what the next generation Ground Control Stations for BVLOS will look like!

What Are the Uses of UAS Systems?

UAS technology possesses the ability to significantly expand our ability to fulfill many mission requirements safer, with less cost, and less environmental impact than the traditional method. Just a few such missions include:

Agricultural Drones

Drones are used to inspect farmland and crops to assist in the more precise and conservative allocation of water, fertilizer, pesticide and other cultivation methods to maximize crop production. Drones can also be used to locate sick or injured livestock to help ranchers deploy veterinary care.

Defensive Drones

Equipped with non-lethal weapons such as tear gas or sound cannons, these drones are used to provide crowd control or to prevent piracy or vandalism in remote areas, preserving law enforcement resources.

Delivery Drones

Originally developed for the military to deliver goods to ground troops, these drones are equipped with a delivery system and are able to remotely drop items or gently place items in a desired target area. Some big shipping companies like DHL and Amazon have begun to implement these types of deliveries to minimize shipping times, overhead costs, and dangerous driving conditions.


UAVs are often used to monitor for early warning of wildfire activity, and to assess situations for firefighting planning.


Geological surveys are greatly assisted by drones, which can cover vast spaces and carry scanning and photographic equipment to collect information from afar.


Drones are used to monitor water situations to prevent potential floods and to help with the management and decision making process for dams and water infrastructure.

Mineralogy & Mining

UAVs can help determine the presence of minerals, and assisting the management of mining operations with visual and scanner inspections, aided by drones.

Monitoring Drones

Equipped with both standard and infrared cameras as well as sensitive weather instrumentation, these drones are used to monitor a variety of areas. For example, drones equipped with these cameras and instruments are used to help prevent street crimes. These drones are also used for reconnaissance missions as well as other military functions.

Photography & Videography Drones

These drones are becoming more popular in the movie industry to provide sweeping vistas and location footage. Prior to drone technology, aerial photos and videos had to be taken from an airplane or helicopter, and this process was very expensive. Now that commercial drones have become available, photographers and videographers of all kinds can get those stunning shots without the big budget.

Volcanic Activity

Volcanic areas that are unsafe for people or even on-the-ground equipment are accessible by drone.

Wildlife Monitoring

Onboard cameras and scanners can be used to monitor the presence and numbers of specific wildlife less intrusively than human teams or on-the-ground equipment.

What Types of UAS Consulting Does the Tech Center Offer?


We have extensive experience with aviation safety programs. Our consultants innovated some of the risk management and compliance standards for UAS operations.


With an extensive network of contacts across the UAS industry, we can help make connections and establish supply chains and problem-solving protocols for companies starting UAS and UAV programs.


We can act as a third party (or connect you with a third party) to observe and monitor deployment of UAS systems in the field to confirm compliance with your established policy and ensure established inventory controls are practiced.


Coordinate UAS airspace requirements. Work with customers and FAA representatives to develop and implement procedures for requesting and scheduling airspace and land access for training and operational missions. Compile and submit requests for FAA Certificates of Authorization (COA).


Develop, prepare, review, and evaluate technical contract specifications using ISO 9001 QMS processes for UAS and other aviation procurements. Coordinate technical specification efforts with other subject matter experts.

Connecting U.S., Western Pacific and Asian Aerospace Markets